CODA Museum, Apeldoorn The Netherlands presented seventy necklaces from Claartje Keur’s collection. The exhibition combines this neck jewellery with the photo portraits of designers Claartje Keur made over the years.


What started with a few silver chains and pendants in the 1970s, grew into a unique collection of jewellery. Claartje Keur (1938) has been collecting jewellery for over thirty years, specialising in neck jewellery.

Being a photographer, Keur photographed the jewellery makers whose work she bought from the beginning. “Taking photos in the artist’s studio led to more contact with the artist. That really added value for me.” In addition to the portrait of the jewellery maker, Keur always makes a self-portrait in which she wears the necklace she acquired. The photo shows how the jewel looks when worn, how it sits on the body, and it gives an indication of size. “Because I nearly always choose an urban setting for a background, the jewel becomes less pretentious. It says ‘you can wear this jewel any time’. I turn this photo into two postcards; one for the artist, one for me.” These postcards are also integrated into the exhibition.                                                                                                                                                   The contact and the bond with the artist have added meaning to the collection for Claartje Keur. It makes her collection, which charts the development of the Dutch jewel over the past thirty years, unique.




exhibited piece                                                                                                                                           Angel Hair 2012,  made of silver, porcelain and silk