Hardware Artware, at ATTA Gallery in Bangkok, Thailand.  The exhibition was created by Deborah Rudolf, Francisca Bauza, Marta Mattsson, Lisa Bjorke and me.

The title Hardware Artware is meant as a word play. We see our jewelry placed in the field of art. But is art wearable? Does it loose the art aspect by being worn? Does the fact of being wearable change the medium from art to craft or design? Hardware, a store where you can buy different materials, points toward this discussion. Also, you can understand hardware as a computer chip and the information stored inside of it. A computer chip contains a lot of information that is not visible at first, but in function, it has a lot to offer. We feel that it happens to art pieces as well. Sometimes, the tension appears only on the second glance. Artware? Hardware? This is the question. Is art hard to wear?

more info about hardware artware go to: http://www.artjewelryforum.org/ajf-blog/hardware-artware
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