Deborah Rudolph, Francisca Bauza, Lisa Björke, Märta Mattsson and me created an exhibition together called Jewellery Nouveau- A way of life at gallery Meister und Margerita in Frankfurt

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Throughout the history of man, humans have always drawn inspiration from nature and all its wonders. The five of us are no different. We find inspiration in things like the path of a rock-climber, a visit to a fish market, flowers and patterns and the ugly things hidden inside of animals. All of us use nature as a source of inspiration but the outcome of our jewellery pieces is quite different.

We have chosen to work together on an Art Nouveau themed exhibition. We have been looking at how nature was used and transformed during one of its biggest eras in decorative art, architecture and design. It is hard to agree on a universal word or phrase for the jewellery art movement we are involved in. Contemporary jewellery, Art jewellery, Artistic jewellery or New jewellery? In this exhibition ‘Jewellery Nouveau- A way of life’ we are cherishing our common interest in nature and jewellery and we are challenging our own individual styles of working with nature to blend with the pre-exciting esthetics of Art Nouveau. If nature is our inspiration and primary vehicle of visual expression it is important to find new directions to work so that we can keep pushing our own voices to contribute to the new art jewellery movement.