The Steinbeisser Jewellery Show at the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy is an annual event showcasing the work of established and upcoming artists. The show’s theme of this edition is ‘Purple’. A color of contradiction for which the artists specially created or selected pieces never shown in the Netherlands before.

On exhibit are works from Philip Sajet, Edgar Mosa,
Andi Gut, Evert Nijland, Tarja Tuupanen, Rosa Nogués Freixas, Natalie Luder, Beate Klockmann,
Sofia Björkman, Maki Okamoto, Tobias Alm, Nina Sajet,Nils Hint, Volker Atrops, Jorge Manilla, Manuel Vilhena,Rian de Jong and Märta Mattsson.

The theme
Purple is a color of contradiction, it consists of the warm and comforting red and the cold and clean blue. Purple stands for the mystery of life as it also stands for the mystery of death. Our request to the participants was, what is your most perfect color purple?

Live performance
For the opening we present the live performance fromValentina Nelissen, who is part of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s contemporary dance company Rosas, in interaction with the new work of Philip Sajet.

All the pieces on show are provided with full information on the origin of the materials used, the processes of creating the works and how the price is being set. By providing this information we want to allow the public to make better informed decisions.



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