White for Japan
Over 1000 of years
The Mino Washi meets with Art Jewelry


The paper poises like silk garment or angel’s dance.
It is time and tide staying for no shadow.
White for gentle art, covered with time and space for us,
enveloped in what it is, made for reality.
Warmth of forest, wonderful of limpid stream made us putting all our love into making Mino.
The requirement for date back over 1000 of years for Mino’s Washi is for the sea and forests in japan, and exists in love for making. Traditional and vanished in Japan’s memories for Mino Washi, We urge to give shape and memory of the original sense of beauty.




Pearls of paper/ All the paper from Japan in one necklace.

Deconstructing and reconstructing the paper as if the paper was
always meant to be a necklace.
The more paper from Japan I would have had,
the longer the necklace would have been…
This is what I got, this is what it is.

Paper pearls made of 5 kinds of Mino Washi ( Yawaraka-kami, Usumino, Mino gami, Kasuiri, Harusam