21 grams

‘Where do I look for inspiration when it comes to the soul?’ I asked myself. The answer came as fast as the question itself. Inspiration is where my soul thrives most, where I can let go of everything and everyone, and most of all, of myself. Breathing, moving, feeling the wind on my skin. Tuning in, breaking out. Seeing everything as if it were for the first time. All that happens when I dance. Dance is when I’m closest to my soul.
In this brooch, I refer to the layers that are peeled off when I get this close to my soul. I painted eyes on every layer, referring both to all the different souls living on planet earth and the eyes being a mirror of the soul. Together, those layers that are made of transparent silk, form a tiny little booklet that gently reveals the story of our lives. The booklet is a hemisphere and is a universe in itself, just like our eyes. And like our souls, this brooch is moving, constantly and endlessly, like a dance.
Nina Sajet

Brooch ‘Endless’ made of gold 14 k plated steel , stilk and pigments