a · symmetry

a • symmetry
After a very meticulous research on material and shape, she presents today a new body of work, ” a • symmetry”, which is surprisingly very different to her previous collections. Inspired by building blocks and graphic patterns, Nina found herself playing a new game. Influenced by the skills cultivated during her former studies in Product Design, her method of working has changed quite drastically. Using the computer to design her pieces, she built her palette in systematized chromatic schemes: these maps were the key that allowed her to jump from two dimensions to 3D in the shape of beads. Creating a game with self-imposed rules, Nina decided that these beads would always be in the form of a cube. They will then have a clean appearance, even industrial. Also, she agreed that one side of a bead would never look the same as the other so, when turning on their axis, the color combinations will never be static. Because of the long length of the neck pieces, the wearer could intimately interact with touching the jewel and turning the beads to discover, how for Nina, chance and randomness can be the pure form of beauty. This new series of neckpieces born from the primary action of beading invites us to discover a hidden code which will only appear to our eyes if and when we free ourselves and decide to play. Randomness as the result of a very sophisticated and organized system where Nina played to stretch the limits, challenging a simple cube to present to us with infinite variations. 
“a • symmetry”, order and chaos cohabitating harmonically under the same sky.
written by
Eva Burton 2018