Still Life

For me having two different nationalities, Italian and Dutch and being born and raised in The Netherlands has been for me sometimes hard to find my way in the sober dutch culture. But the masters of the golden age showed me it’s beauty. Their paintings show me the mystic beauty of flowers at the very end of their blossoming and overripe fruits. They captured the dutch everyday life, showing it’s soberness in an honest and pure way. 
By taking the subject of these paintings and transforming it into wearable pieces I bring them back to life. Because we need to be reminded of their honest and pure beauty. In our ever faster changing world where it seems that everything has to have a purpose the value of beauty itself seems lost. By freezing time its possible to escape it and look closer at our everyday life and the beauty that it bears. Most of the time this beauty is all around us but we just fail to recognize it. With my work I hope to revalue what seems purposeless because the purpose of beauty is to give life a purpose, what would life be without it?