June,  it is the season for pearls.
Pearls perhaps were one of the first precious things discovered by humans.
An Acoya oyster envelops the foreign body inside her, and her ache over time becomes beautiful layers, eventually creating a gentle beauty. They are surrounded by the original elements of the sea where they were once born themselves and influenced by these elemental stories a unique pearl is born, a mysterious gift to the world.This beautiful life from the sea has many tales from mythology, Moon Drops, Mermaid Tears, Bubbles of Aphrodite, and there are many more stories of pearls that exist in the world today. ‘acoya’ will bring to you the precious stories of the unique Akoya pearls.
Open Hours /会期
2019.06.24 ( Mon.) - 06.30( Sun.)
14:00 – 19:30Venue / 場所
K Plaza
港区西麻布3-13-15 K plaza B2
B2 K Plaza 3-13-15 Nishiazabu Minato-ku,Tokyo 106-0031 JapanContact 
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Necklace made by N.Sajet 
Material: Organza silk, silver, acoya pearls, Indigo pigment
Technique: laser cut, natural hand dye