If you’re looking for refreshment for your eyes, taste and mind, you’re more than welcome to visit us and our creations, exhibited spectacularly at the Muzenplein 2.  A picturesque and breathtaking bridge house, built in the style of the ‘Amsterdamse school’ in the beautiful south of Amsterdam.                      

participating artist are:  Fanny Agnier, Bas Bouman, Yu-Chun Chen, Jantje Fleischhut, Ursula Guttmann, Jeannette Jansen,Zsolt Kamaras, Beate Klockmann, Gitte Nygaard, Ulrich Reithofer, Nina Sajet, Philip Sajet, Cay Schröder, Q Hisashi Shibata, Dana Seachuga, Wouter Nieuwendijk

a-muze_b_side_2010 w-inyanim-group w-inyanim-group-21