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acoya with lights by SALIOT
By combining acoya pearl works by nineteen artists from Europe and Japan with SALIOT lighting, ancient memories pertaining to pearls have been revived and woven together into various stories within the space of SALIOT Gallery. Though world famous today, acoya pearls have their timeless origins in Japan’s gently nourishing seas and richly expressive seasons. It is from the country’s rich oceans and natural world that the pearls’ colors are born. Light gives the pearls their brilliance and allows us to see their varied expressions. That light will be directed by SALIOT. As the culmination of MinebeaMitsumi’s refined technology, SALIOT will deftly fill the space with rich expressions.

The story of this event begins with an installation created for the pearls by Holland-based artist Chikako Watanabe. Music has been composed by Umitaro Abe in order to revive the pearls’ and light’s ancient memories. Art jewelry, performances, and lectures will be just some of the ways stories about the pearls and light will be woven together at SALIOT Gallery.

 Participating Creators
Umitaro ABE, BCXSY, Hilde De Decker, Yu-Chun Chen, Atsuko Ito, Jeanette Jansen, Jiro Kamata, Konishi Jun, Mikiko Minewaki, Shuhei Ohata, Emilie Pallard&Niels Heymans, Annelies Planteydt, PE/AH, Ulrich Reithofer, Nina Sajet, Philip Sajet, Ayato Takeda, Taro, Chikako Watanabe, Saya Yamagishi

2018.10.13 (Sat)-10.31( Wed) Open everyday

2018.10.13 (Sat)-10.31 ( Wed)
CHIKAKO WATANABE x acoya with lights by SALIOT

2018.10.19 (Fri.)-10.31 ( Wed)
acoya with lights by SALIOT

Opening Lecture/Live
2018.10.13(Sat) 18:30- Lecture “A Journey Through the Memories of Pearls” by Chikako Watanabe
2018.10.27 (Sat)18:30- “ Music for Pearl” Live Performance by Umitaro Abe

Open Hours
10:30-20:30 Mon. – Fri.
14:00-20:30 Sat. and Sun.
*10.13 (Sat) 18:30- Chikako Watanabe Lecture
*10.27 (Sat) 18:30- Umitaro Abe Concert

SALIOT Gallery
1F Nitten Mita Bldg, 3-12-14, Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan



CHIKAKO WATANABE x acoya with lights by SALIOT

Lecture: A Journey Through the Memories of Pearls
October 13th (Saturday), 18:30 –

Travelling from Holland to Nagasaki, artist Chikako Watanabe has taken “A Journey Through the Memories of Pearls.” What did she find there?

Watanabe uses a unique artistic method to allow us see the “memories that used to be there.”  Since memories are linked to actual existences, even if something that used to be there is no longer so, those hidden stories can be translated into something that can be felt with the five senses, thereby giving birth to new stories and new life. Existence is composed of layers of memories . . . Watanabe layers memories and the present, revealing for us the possibility of new stories and new existences.
During this lecture, Watanabe will talk about her artistic activities in Holland and her book “NETTING AIR from the low land,” which was published this year.

Chikako Watanabe
Born in Kariya city, Aichi prefecture. In 1992, she graduated from the Department of Crafts in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Kyoto City University of the Arts with a degree in ceramics. In 1994, she graduated from the Graduate School of Arts of the same university with a Master’s in ceramics. In 1998, she graduated from Sandberg institut, Amsterdam, in 2002, she graduated from Rijksakademie.    Since shifting her base to Holland in 1995, she has used art as a medium to explore foreign countries, cultures, and communities, producing various types of work around the idea of “learning from local peoples.”


acoya with lights by SALIOT
“Music for Pearl,” Live Performance by Umitaro Abe
October 27th (Saturday), 18:30 –

Umitaro ABE
Umitaro Abe is a Japanese composer and multi-instrumentalist. He has been working tirelessly in a range of fields such as theatre, film, TV drama and collaboration with various creators, besides performance in solo and ensemble style. He has released 5 CD albums and every album has been highly acclaimed for his unique viewpoint for field-recording, liberated ensemble style based on classic or various compositions of sounds.


“Drinking Light,” Performance by Shuhei Ohata
October 19, 20, 26, 27 (Friday, Saturday), 19:30-20:30

Drinking Light
Tama, a ball. In ancient times, the souls of things were thought to take the form of invisible spirits that are the fountainhead of all life. The spirits take up residence in physical objects and the flesh, and can leave those vessels at any time and freely move around. As they were imagined as spherical in shape, both the spirits and the objects they occupied were called “tama.” These “tama” glow a pale white. Pearls were known as “shiratama” (white tama), and were considered to be mystical life spirits from the sea. They also glowed pale white. People thought them as a type of “tama,” as embodiments of the kami (gods).
In ancient Japan, the kami did not have a specific form. They appeared from out of the darkness and took up residence in some object . . . kami incarnate. Formless kami resided in shiratama, and danced with the female shamans.

Drinking Light. Shuhei Ohata’s work regards the invisible entities that exist as particles adrift upon wavelengths of light as a type of kami, and takes them into the body. It is an act of absorbing life into oneself. This light also resides within pearls. Oohata’s work asks us, modern humans, to think about the invisible kami that we have forgotten.

Shuhei Ohata

In 2001, he completed at graduate degree at Tokyo Zokei University. His main exhibitions include: “Criterium 59” (Art Tower Mito, Ibaraki, 2004), “Arks Project” (Former Sannomaru Ibaraki Prefectural Office, Ibaraki, 2008), “Brand New Valentine” (Mitsubishi Estate Artium, Fukuoka, 2010), “Barocco: Baroque Pearl Jewelry Exhibition” (The Museum of Arts and Crafts, Itami, Hyogo, 2012), “Lumière” (Nakanoshima Banks de sign de >, Osaka, 2015), “Drinking Light” (The Classica Omotesando, Tokyo, 2016), and others.