The Lost in Sea collection was exhibited during the Exhibition “Fish – from Shark to Koi” in the SieboldHuis Museum, Netherlands. The exhibition showed various kinds of Fish, which were gathered by Siebold in 1823 -1834 in Japan. Keiga Kawahara (1786-1860) drew these fish. He lived in Nagasaki, Japan in the Edo period. He painted a lot of animals, plants and genre figures, which were ordered by Siebold. It is said that there are about 6000 to 7000 pieces. His precise drawings are still used as samples by biologists. Nina Sajet made jewelry with the title “Lost in the sea” inspired by Keiga Kawahara ’s drawings.

The collection was shown at Sieboldhuis, Leiden, ATTA Gallery, Bangkok and at K-Studio, Tokyo in 2012